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Terms and conditions is a section that most users tend to skip in a website obviously for its vague content. The case is entirely different here. You get to know what you need to know. We have provided concise information on what we provide and what we expect from you.


We take the ownership for the entire content that you read on our site. We have acknowledged the trademarks and logos that are not licensed to us.


You need not be concerned about your privacy. We do not make the information public that we get from you for business purpose. We do understand your payment security concerns as well, and so, we have developed a secure payment gateway service to protect and manage your credentials.


We do our best to provide you with everything that you request from us, be it a subscription or an unsubscription. The responsibility lies on us to give you what you need. You can, by all rights, opt-out from our services if you are displeased with our services, and get a refund or free service if the issue recurs within 30 days of our service. Just approach us with the order ID through email or a call, and we will process your request at the earliest.